It has been a month since I started living a ‘healthier’ life and I never feel better. I started with going to gym at least three times a week and I would spend around 40-50 minutes of workout per visit. I also started doing home cardio exercises (huge kudos to  for their awesome workouts!) And last week, I started a healthy diet plan. I never thought I could eat all the healthy stuff aka veggies and beans but I tell you, they are as fine as other food! Now, I am in the early progress of managing my new lifestyle, I wish I could be consistent and keep disciplining myself to eat and to live healthily. Oh I forgot to mention that I also started bullet journaling this year, ’twas a fun activity, though. I am thinking of posting one or two pictures of my journal but let’s see!


Life and Me

Howdy cow! It has been a really long time until I reunite with my WordPress account. Well, I’ve been blogging with Blogspot since forever and I love how easy and convenient it is with Blogspot. However, I happened to sign up a WordPress account a long time ago which I don’t recall when was it. So today, while writing a new blog post in Blogspot, I suddenly thought that I should play around with WordPress and see how professional it is (that is what people say). So here I am, ta-daaa!

I think WordPress is pretty cool. It has this kind of minimalism and professionalism feels. I might as well migrate from Blogspot to here. Sounds like a great idea, huh? Well, let’s wait and see.

Until next time,


p/s: I am pretty suck at choosing post title so yeah.